Rowe Furniture My Style II Sectional

Height 37  |  Seat Height 21  |  Arm Height 24  |  Seat Depth 21

The Rowe Furniture My Style II Sectional is a highly configurable sectional that is available in choice of fabrics and a multitude of color options, throw pillows, cushions, leg style, wood finish, arm style options, and more. Each piece is of the highest quality due to individual hand craftmanship.

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  • Seating Depth: 21.0
  • Seating Height: 21.0
  • Overall Height: 37.0
  • Arm Height: 24.0


Cleaning & Care


  • Vacuum this piece regularly with an upholstery attachment (not a brush), this reduces abrasion and wear.
  • For spills, always keep the cushion cover on to clean – then blot, don’t rub, with a dry absorbent white cloth. The fabric you choose has a specific cleaning code for spill treatment.
  • For dirt and dry spills, brush off and vacuum before particulates become embedded in fabric fibers.​
  • Limit fading with window treatments if this is going to be near a window. Heating and air outlets can also fade fabrics, as well as damage the fibers over an extended time. ​
  • Some fabrics may occasionally show signs of pilling with heavy traffic. This does not affect the integrity of the fabric and can be limited with frequent removal of dust and lint, which can come from clothing and throws. To remove any pills, we recommend using a fabric shaving / lint removing tool.​


Cushion Care ​

  • Flip and fluff seat cushions and back cushions every 3 months ensuring even wear and extending the life of the piece.
  • If you have kids or pets who love this piece too – flip and fluff more frequently for longest cushion life. ​
  • Back cushion inserts are stitched horizontally into separate sections to minimize sagging, making it easier to maintain the look with regular fluffing.
  • Cushions and pillows have an expected “break-in” period, like shoes, and it usually takes 30 – 60 days (depending on use) for your cushions to reach their final firmness. ​

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Multiple Colors Available – Contact Us

Size & Shape

Multiple Configurations Available – Contact Us


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