One of the most common areas that people like to redesign in their home is their bedroom and bathroom. In today’s episode of Herman’s Furniture and Design’s House Stories, we’re going to show you how a homeowner’s online inspiration became their reality.

For the primary bedroom and bathroom, the homeowners wanted a crisp look that was both classic and modern while still restful and relaxing. Here are some of the homeowners’ inspiration photos.

Drawing from that inspiration, the designer chose a light monochromatic palette for the walls and flooring and kept the bedding neutral in color and organic in fabric and texture. Navy nightstands were selected for a timeless pop of color and topped with these soft blue ceramic lamps. Simple woven blinds were added for the option of privacy or to roll up and let the natural light shine in.

To complement the bedroom furniture, the designer incorporated navy cabinets in the primary bathroom and kept the space fresh and modern with brass hardware and fixtures. The marble flooring in a geometric pattern of gold, white, and gray is stylish and on trend, while the white marble countertops and shower keep this bathroom looking luxurious and expensive.

To complete the bathroom oasis, a freestanding soaking tub was added to reflect the design of a spa-like retreat. A feature on the homeowner’s wish list was to incorporate a vanity. Here’s an inspiration photo.

To achieve a sophisticated look that worked in this space, the designer from Herman’s chose this white leather and gold metal frame chair that has an old Hollywood style. She incorporated these brass sconces to frame the mirror along with this marble white quartz countertop.

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