Join Herman’s Furniture and Design House Stories host, Andrea Vecchio in this video from Catawba Island, Ohio. This beautiful, modern home is tucked away behind the Nor’easter Club, an area known to locals as Harbor Island and the owners were looking for professional help to pull off an eclectic interior design.

You’re going to hear me use the word “eclectic” a lot. What does eclectic mean to you when it comes to design? To me, it means a lot of everything. But what is everything, and what exactly is eclectic interior design? We’ll show you.

The original homeowners had this fieldstone fireplace built into the home, which gave the space the feel of a lodge and truly dictates the color palette for the house. The new homeowner and her designer had a design goal to give the home a high fashion urban feel on the water, combined with an eclectic design.

Eclectic design is a look that the designers at Herman’s Furniture and Design say is one of the most challenging to pull together successfully. Often times, eclectic can look cluttered and stylistically messy, but the Herman’s design team has a few tips for anyone who wants to achieve an eclectic look.

Incorporate modern artwork with neutral colors as a backdrop and have unique pieces that stand out in a room. In this video is an example of how the designers achieved a perfectly executed eclectic design. This dining room table came with the homeowner from her previous beach house. The designer took this coastal table and added a mid-century modern chandelier, animal fabric and chairs, this driftwood centerpiece, and an abstract rug.

The homeowner loves a lifestyle that’s a balanced combination of lounging around with her family and entertaining for events like the Kentucky Derby or a big game day. The designer chose two large comfy sofas and the swivel chairs, which are the perfect addition to any large room.

From a great entertaining space to one with thoughtful design, our designer was able to create the desired eclectic interior design by incorporating a wide range of textures like rustic fieldstone, furry pillows, dark wood, clear glass, natural quartz, shiny metals, and fabric that literally sparkles.

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