Design Preparation

Come PreparedBefore you meet with one of our designers, spend some time thinking about your goals and desired style for your room.

This will allow our designers to get a better idea of how they can help you.  Consider the following when preparing for your initial consultation:

1. Function– What is the primary function of the room?  Who uses it?  How frequently?

2. Flow– How will this re-designed room flow with the design and décor of the adjoining rooms in my home?

3. Design-What is your inspiration?  Collect pictures of rooms, furniture, colors, patterns and styles that appeal to you. Consider who? how? when?

4. Layout-What components of the room please you?  What do you want to change?  How is the room laid out (take measurements)?  Collect as much information as possible such as paint swatches, flooring samples, or fabric swatches from existing pieces.  Take photos.

5. Vision-Are there certain pieces of furniture that you dream of owning?  Our design consultants can help you identify your decorating style, show you manufacturers who have the look you want, and bring your vision for your home’s décor to reality.  The possibilities are truly endless!

6. Final Touches-What are the final touches to the deocr, those accessories that will complete the room?  Consider artwork, area rugs, lamps, sculptures, collectibles, etc.  Our designers can use what you already own or help you choose new pieces.