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In Avon Lake

Tucked into The Landings in Avon Lake, your newest furniture and design experience awaits.

Herman’s Furniture and Design sprang to life in this new location last summer to offer Herman’s unique approach to furniture shopping to even more folks.

Here you’ll find visually stunning furniture tastefully arranged in a compact, cozy design shop. Just as in the Sandusky store, you’re free to roam without salespeople hovering over you.

When you’re ready, you’ll meet with your personal designer to share your initial ideas and ask questions. Then she’ll take you through the same design process (link here to How Design Works) our designers use in Sandusky, whether you’re redesigning a corner of your living room or furnishing an entire house. As part of your personalized design plan, your designer will also advise you on window treatments, flooring, and paint; just note that you’ll need to find your own flooring installer and see a paint dealer for paint purchases. Dream to reality time? 5 to 8 weeks.

Herman’s Furniture and Design at The Landings focuses primarily on interior design services, so normally, you can’t buy the furniture you see on display in the shop. Your furniture hasn’t even been designed yet because it’s still in your mind. However, twice a year we have a floor sample sale, and we can add you to our contact list to tell you when that happens. You can also buy finishing touch accessories anytime.