Tips for Proper Maintenance of Your Upholstered Furniture

img_5015When dust settles on our wood furniture, it is quite obvious.  There is no doubt that we need to dust those wood pieces frequently, but have you ever considered that the same amount of dust is settling on your upholstered furniture also?  This dust will easily penetrate the fabric with use and cause the piece to wear much faster.  With proper maintenance you can keep your sofa and other upholstered pieces looking new well into the future.

Frequent vacuuming of the cushions and backs is the first step in caring for your upholstered furniture.  Be sure to not only vacuum the cushions but the backs also.  Next, flip and rotate the seat cushions weekly.  If you have loose cushions on the back, these should be flipped weekly also.

The occasional spill or stain is nearly inevitable!  Should the inevitable occur, act quickly and use a damp, white cloth to slowly blot the spill.  Avoid any soapy cleanser as it will leave a residue and attract more dust.

If you want to further protect your upholstered and wood furniture, consider a furniture protection plan.  Herman’s offers plans through Guardsman Furniture Professionals.  For more information, speak to a Herman’s staff member or visit

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