Meet Designer, Maureen Crockett

IMG_20150708_205654891It is very difficult to find something that is really amazing and actually free.  Since the early 1950s, Herman’s Furniture has been offering their customers free in-home design services.  This service is truly a cornerstone of Herman’s Furniture and sets them apart from their competitors.

Both of Herman’s locations, Sandusky and Avon Lake, offer free in-home design services.  Herman’s employs a variety of designers who are eager to help their clients fall in love with their homes.  Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to learn more about each of Herman’s professional designers.  This week, we are featuring Maureen Crockett.

Maureen is a native of Erie County, Ohio.  Though she spent a large portion of her life in Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri, Maureen and her husband returned to Ohio many years ago.  Maureen has worked as a design consultant with Herman’s Furniture for the past 15 years.  She has a long history of pleased clients.  “I enjoy the relationship of working with people.  I’ve always had the desire to work on the interior design of homes.  I love the experience of working with clients -I want to make sure the interior of the client’s home is warm and conducive to their lifestyle.” Maureen explained.

Specifically, Maureen has expertise in color and interior design.  The projects that Maureen has helped her clients complete have been diverse but very personal.  “I’ve had the pleasure of designing and decorating amazing homes, whether it’s been a primary residence or a second home.  Together, we devise a plan to make their interior fit their style and taste and execute the plan!  We then celebrate the completion of our collaborative efforts!”

If you would like to talk to Maureen about your interior design needs, give her a call at 419-626-2512,  send her an e-mail, or simply visit the store.

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