Herman’s NEW Sandusky Store- A Transformation Story

exterior 1

The old movie theater as it looked on December 29, 2015.

Since 1947, Herman’s Furniture has been a fixture on Cleveland Road in Sandusky, Ohio.  Generations of customers have been well served at that location.  But, when a realtor showed Herman’s manager, Joe Dandurand, the building behind the Sandusky Mall that formerly housed a movie theater, Joe saw nothing but possibilities.  “The minute I walked in, I completely saw the potential.” Joe stated.  The only thing about which Joe was hesitant was the overhead of moving to that location.

Built in 1990, the former movie theatre had been replaced by a more modern theater that was constructed directly to its south.  The old theater sat vacant for about six years and was slated for the wrecking ball.  When Herman’s Furniture expressed interest in leasing and renovating the building, the owners were thrilled and were more than willing to work to make this project feasible.

The Herman’s design team worked on reconfiguring and transforming the former movie theater.  The biggest issue that needed to be addressed was that the floor of each of the theaters sloped.  At the lowest point, the floors were three feet below grade.  To remedy this issue, new, reinforced concrete was poured in each of the theaters to level the floors.  beginning progress 6 beginning progress 3
After this hurdle, the majority of the remaining work was strictly cosmetic; yet, how do you make large rooms with 20-foot ceilings into a beautiful furniture store?  Joe explained that they “wanted to get away from just cramming furniture into small areas (like they did at the former store) and wanted to create the feeling of a lifestyle in a room so customers could better relate.”  To this end, the designers created partial walls to separate areas and essentially establish rooms.

mid progress 2 beginning progress 1 Each ‘room’ has details that differentiate it from another, such as decorative finishes and wainscoting.  In addition, decorative lighting, hung at a ‘normal’ height, was used in each of the new ‘rooms’.

After six months of renovations, the results of all of the hard work required to transform the former movie theater into a fabulous showroom are truly stunning.  This new store provides Herman’s customers a better shopping experience in a more convenient location.  Further, it “makes us more relevant for the next generation of Herman’s customers” explained Joe.  Finally, the new store allows for a better mix and presentation of Herman’s products- there is simply something for everyone.  “We want people to walk through (the store) and find inspiration.”  Inspired you will be!


exterior 2

Exterior of new store on April 19, 2016


exterior 3

Exterior of store on May 3, 2016














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