Manufacturer Spotlight- Braxton Culler

Braxton Culler Inc. has been producing quality furniture since 1975.  The company’s namesake, Braxton Culler, literally grew up in the furniture business.  The Culler family has been making furniture since 1934.  Braxton Culler used his extensive knowledge of the furniture business to set out on his own and establish his company in Sophia, North Carolina.  Braxton Culler Inc. soon became known for their distinctive, lightweight wicker and rattan furniture.  Though intended for outdoor use, Braxton Culler’s wicker and rattan furniture is beautiful enough for use anywhere in your home.  In addition, they offer over 1,000 fabrics and 15 unique wood finishes from which to choose.braxtoncullerchair

Braxton Culler has moved beyond simply offering wicker and rattan furniture.  Now, the company’s product line consists of more than 1,000 pieces that are suitable for the entire home, patio, and outdoors.  More specifically, Braxton Culler has a wide range of fully upholstered items for the living room, bedroom, and dining room, as well as their signature line of wicker and rattan products and weatherproof outdoor furniture.  In a recent article in Management Today Magazine, Braxton Culler described his company’s product as “casual, lifestyle furniture”. Perkins Sunroom

As do many companies today, Braxton Culler Inc. uses both imported and American-made components in their furnishings.  In the same Management Today Magazine article, Braxton Culler explained “Approximately 40 percent of our product components are imported, while 60 percent of our product line is manufactured entirely in North Carolina.  We do all the cutting, sewing, upholstering, and finishing in our N.C. facility.”  Braxton Culler products are only available through retail furniture stores throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Herman’s Furniture proudly carries a full line of Braxton Culler products.  These lovely home furnishings are very popular for those seeking to decorate their homes, especially those with nautical or beach-themed décor.  Check out a sampling of Braxton Culler products at Herman’s Furniture or the full line of products at

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