Amazing Rugs and More by Surya


Surya offers a wide selection of rugs, including indoor/outdoor options.

If you are in search of a unique rug, look no further than the Surya collection at Herman’s Furniture.  Surya offers over 5,000 different rugs that are available in a variety of sizes, materials, and price points.  Herman’s has proudly carried Surya rugs for many years and currently has 300 samples of their rugs.  The possibilities are truly endless!

Surya Rugs was created in India in 1976 by Surya Tiwari.  Tiwari began his company as a small supplier of hand-knotted rugs.  In 1986, he established a division in the United States.  Tiwari’s son, Satya, has been at the helm of the U.S. division since 2006.  Satya has worked diligently to establish Surya as the “go-to resource for coordinating, fashion-forward home accessories” by incrementally adding new categories to Surya’s initial rug offerings.  According to, “Like his father, Satya continues to push the boundaries of the home decor industry by continually investing in people, products, technology and infrastructure to address customer pain points and to help customers succeed.”  Surya’s offerings now include rugs, lighting, pillows and throws, accent furniture, wall decor, accent pieces, and bedding.

JAS_7382Herman’s Furniture offers a broad selection of Surya products.  Joe Dandurand, Herman’s manager, explained that “As Surya has expanded, we have expanded our offerings.”  Check out what Surya has to offer both on their web page and at Herman’s showroom.  You will be amazed at the beauty, quality, and diversity of Surya products.

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