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Recent Projects

Baypoint family room

Bay Point Project

Designers: Suzy Wysenski & Joe Dandurand
Perkins TV room

Perkins House

Designer Joe Dandurand
Norwalk Multi-purpose space

Norwalk House

Designer- Sarah King
Catawba Living room

Catawba Island House

Designer Sarah King

People who love Herman's Furniture say things like,

I got to wander around undisturbed without someone constantly coming up and bothering me.”

I’ve developed a really good rapport with a couple of sales people here.  They know exactly my taste.  They know which way I lean.  They know my taste, and they always recall that when I walk – and that’s a plus.”

You’re able to wander around, but yet when you want your salespeople, they seem to know where you are.  I mean they aren’t breathing down your neck or playing around.  But yet they’re there, and you know they’re there.”

You have really good selections.  Your prices are very fair.  Your sales are excellent.  Delivery is good.  Suzy has taken care of us recently on our most recent purchases, and she’s excellent.  She knows what we like and what we need.”

Since I found Suzy, I’m a happy camper.”

I have good taste but I can’t always put it together and that’s what Suzy does.  And I think a lot of people are that way.  You like nice things, but we can’t always make it all fit look like something in magazine. Suzy has been a big help.”

One of the biggest things here is you don’t have someone hanging over your shoulder constantly.  You let me wander. I hate somebody shadowing me. I much rather just be left alone.”

I think there’s so many rooms to look at. All of the sudden you see another room or another doorway to go through, and it’s amazing all the different things and how you have them arranged. It’s gives you ideas.”

We just bought a second home a couple of hours away and I was going to buy furniture there.  I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, if I go to Herman’s they might deliver it there.’ You were wonderful.  I mean, it was a two and a half hour drive. I was very surprised that you would go that far.”

We’ve been coming here since we’re married; I think that’s 40 years.”

I’m a Detroit girl, so I asked neighbors where they went to shop furniture, and they said you’re they only game in town.  So, I thought ‘Oh man this is going to be some tiny little hole in the wall.’  I honestly was surprised… pleasantly surprised.  I shouldn’t sound so snooty.”

When it comes to Herman’s, I think of quality, tradition, price, and a fun place to come.”







When I come in and just look around and don’t buy anything, I don’t feel bad.”

You still feel welcome here, even though you leave empty handed.”

You have a cool place here… so don’t blow it.”

We live in Fremont, and we’re over here quite often.”

When I came to Cedar Point I said, ‘Hey, I’ve heard about this Herman’s place.’ I made my husband wait until I ran through the store before we went to the Point.”

Designing experience? I would rate it a ten.”

I’ve worked with Sarah, and I think she was able to take my ideas and bring it to me.  I knew what I wanted, but I couldn’t go through the store and pick it out myself. She pulled everything together for me.”

I’ve worked with Diana and Sarah and several others.  I’ve learned a lot from them.  Plus you let me bring back furniture that didn’t work within the seventh day.  And I love, love, love your furniture.  It’s just beautiful.”